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You can integrate the BUGtrack with TestLink?


Kirill Bondar

@Mário: how do you see such integration?

Mehrdad Mirreza

Please provide more documentation. It is not clear, how the "BugShooting" output to BugTrack works. What is the workflow? You start a BugTrack record and you have the possibility to capture directly from inside your record in the browser? Or you start in BugShooting? How is then possible to send a screen shot to a specific BugTrack record?

Kirill Bondar

@Mehrdad: First, capture the image in BugShooting, make all modifications necessary, then use BugShooting's Send command to send an image to BUGtrack; you'll have an options either to open new issue or attach an image to an existing issue by issue number.

Mehrdad Mirreza

Thank you. Now the workflow is clear to me.


I think most of us already have other methods of capturing screenshots and don't really want to pay for another. What we need is a way to paste in images into the main field.

Kirill Bondar

@Simone: Until 2012 browsers did not support pasting images into content. At the moment this method is only working in latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, and probably will in upcoming Internet Explorer 10;

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