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Why did the footer links "My Stuff, Stats," etc. have to go? I used those much more often than the header links when navigating from long tasks.

Kirill Bondar

@David: Menu stripe was replaced with tabs and tabs on the bottom look little bit strange.

Would it solve your problem if we provide a link to navigate to the top of the page? Or provide keyboard interface to navigate to the tab directly, for example Alt+N for New Record, Alt+S for Stats etc?


@Kirill keyboard shortcuts to the separate pages would be very useful. I've resolved to using ctrl+home to navigate to the top, but Alt shortcuts would be even faster :)

Tim Nesdale

I agree with David, I liked the 'Go to' box at the bottom of the page :( Add Search to bottom as well?

Kirill Bondar

We'll likely to provide +S shortcut to jump the focus to the search box. Agreed?

Alekso Norman

Though it is not crucial for me where the Go To box is located, i give preference to it its upper position too. And, ye, thanks, i copped with resizing BugTrack to fit to 200x100 box.

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